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February 24, 2015

3sisters.tv adA Blue Mountains TV show

3Sisters TV is working with the Blue Mountains Regional Business Chamber in the development of a TV show that will be filmed monthly in the Blue Mountains for on line distribution.

Using the Fairmont Resort’s theatrette as the set, the show will be filmed in front of a live audience and a panel of guests, who will debate Blue Mountains community issues .

The show will be co-hosted by the Chamber’s President, Vent Thomas, and vice President, Dianne Davis. The panel guests will include a combination of residents, business, and government officials who will be invited to take part based on their knowledge and experience of the chosen topic.

Each episode will therefore have a different panel.

The featured topics are relative to the Blue Mountains and will be advertised before each episode is produced, giving Blue Mountains residents the opportunity to submit their questions for debate. These residents of the Blue Mountains community will be invited to be part of the wider audience reading out their questions in relation to the chosen topic.

The overall objective of the show is to provide a platform where the Blue Mountains residents can have a voice, where they can share their ideas and thoughts in a forum that will help to promote better communication and a stronger local community.

The first topic is “Marketing the Blue Mountains” Please email your questions to   ontopicqanda@gmail.com